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Referral program

Are you a professional in the healthcare network, community organization, or a private company? Or are you a citizen who knows a caregiver who could benefit from our services?

As a not-for-profit organization, supporting caregivers in their roles is crucial to fulfilling our mission. Given the complexities of the healthcare system, GASO provides a vital safety net for caregivers, who are often overlooked.

Simple and efficient

GASO extends its gratitude for your referrals! Our organization commits to contacting the referred individual within 7 working days after receiving the completed form.

Steps to follow

You must have verbal or written consent to make a referral to our counsellors.

Fill out the referral form (by PDF or in writing). Electronic signatures are accepted. If you are a healthcare professional, we strongly invite you to leave us your contact information to reach you.

If you include your email address in the form, we will confirm receipt of the document.

Upload the completed form.


Submit your form!

Merci ! Votre référencement a été envoyé.

Erreur, essayez à nouveau.

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