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Learning from others

Caregivers' recommandations

Because each caregiving journey, while unique, contains invaluable learnings.


Did you know that one in three Quebecers takes care of a loved one (APPUI, 2022)? Behind this statistic lies a multiplicity of human experiences. Each caregiving journey is unique and contains key learnings.


That's why GASO is delighted to share these heartfelt words from caregivers, generously offered by our members. We truly believe in the power of their experiences.

We hope their words will inspire you, their insights will offer guidance, and their situations will resonate with your own experiences as caregivers!

Proche aidante

Dreaming differently, with Dominique

"Caregiving came in through the door without asking permission, I had no choice."

Learning to surround yourself,
with Robert

"Just thinking that you can call on a psychosocial worker is reassuring: Having an ear at the end of the phone is essential."

“What's most personal is most universal”

Carl R. Rogers

Proche aidante

Facing your own limits, with Odette

"Caregiving showed me that while I cared about my mother's well-being, it wasn't enough, because there was also dementia and this disease requires external support."

ML .png

Evolving through the helping relationship, with Marie-Laurence

"It may be strange to say, but illness and my role have brought us closer together over the years."


Adapting through adversity, with Gail

" You can talk to your friends, your family, but it's not the same as talking to people who are going through the same thing."

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