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The organization : who are we ?

Founded over 25 years ago by a group of pioneering caregivers, the Groupe des aidants du Sud-Ouest (GASO) has expanded due to its beneficial impact on the LaSalle community.

As a not-for-profit organization, we believe that supporting caregivers in their roles is vital to our mission. In a healthcare system marked by complexity, GASO provides a crucial safety net for caregivers, who are frequently overlooked.

Our mission

Our aim is to enhance the quality of life for caregivers, prevent their burnout, and advocate for their recognition and interests within the community.

Our vision

Our goal is to address the needs of adult caregivers across the West Island of Montreal and the South-West of Montreal. We strive to ensure caregivers feel supported, heard, and empowered to tackle the challenges they encounter.

Organizational Values

The organization is guided by six core values that shape our actions, services, and development, ensuring they align with GASO's vision. These values are fundamental to promoting our mission and vision.

« Self-determination » emphasizes the individual's ability to act and make choices, applicable both to staff and to caregivers receiving our services. This principle is central to our approach because we are convinced that caregivers are the experts of their own situations and, with the right support, can identify the best solutions for themselves.

« Respect » for the unique pace and challenges of each caregiver is crucial. This value extends to both our staff and the members of our organization, underpinning our commitment to fostering a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

« Authenticity » is expected from everyone involved in GASO's activities. This value guides sound organizational management, ensures the smooth operation of internal processes, and facilitates the development of relationships with community partners.

« Accessibility » to the organization's services is prioritized, providing personalized support within a reasonable timeframe to ensure local access for our members. Our goal is to be an accessible, inclusive, and safe haven for all caregivers, irrespective of their living situation.

« Singularity » underscores the uniqueness of each caregiver, their individual reality, journey, and experiences. This principle remains central to our operations: staff are encouraged to cultivate their own uniqueness, fostering an innovative spirit within the organization.

« Confidentiality » is paramount when it comes to personal information, real-life situations, and individual stories. The organization utilizes a secure and professional database managed solely by internal administration. Upholding confidentiality is our top priority in all aspects of our work.

The territories
served by GASO

All of our services are available to caregivers residing in Dorval, Lachine, LaSalle, Verdun, and the South-West, including Ville-Émard/Côte-Saint-Paul, Saint-Henri, Little Burgundy, Griffintown, and Pointe-Saint-Charles. Additionally, our services are offered to caregivers whose loved ones reside in the territories we serve.

If you're a caregiver residing outside our served territories but lack access to qualified counselling services nearby, we encourage you to reach out to us. Otherwise, GASO recommends that caregivers contact a caregiver support organization in their local area.

The Groupe des Aidants du Sud-Ouest would like to acknowledge that the land we are on is part of an ancestral territory that has long served as a place for Indigenous peoples to live, meet and exchange with Indigenous peoples, including the Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) Nation. We honour, respect, and recognize those nations who have never ceded their rights or sovereign authority over the lands and waters on which we gather today.

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