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Support for grieving caregivers

At GASO, we understand that caring for someone doesn't end when they pass away. That's why we're here to support caregivers even after their loved one's death. We now offer both one-on-one and group support for those who are grieving, helping our members through this part of their journey.

Our definition of
« post-caregiving

"Post-caregiving" is the time after caregiving ends, marked by a unique kind of grief. This grief is different because it's shaped by the close emotional connection with the person who has passed away, the caregiver's loss of identity, and the changes that come with no longer being a caregiver. It's a complex period that addresses the deep impacts of caregiving on a personal level.

This definition belongs to the Groupe des aidants du Sud-Ouest. Our definition of post-caregiving was added to the organization's bylaws during the Annual General Meeting on November 2, 2021.

Support group

New !

La Traversée, better living through bereavement and post-caregiving

La Traversée is a registration-only support group spanning over 10 weeks, aimed at offering a secure and shared environment to aid the grieving process influenced by caregiving. These 2-hour sessions will be led by GASO facilitators.


The workshops will foster discussions on various themes associated with the grieving process. The program is grounded in values that acknowledge the individuality of experiences, respect for everyone's personal pace, and the recognition that each grief journey is unique.

When : once or twice per year

Where : in presence

Who : bereaved caregivers known to the organization

Grief support

GASO's psychosocial workers, who are trained in bereavement support, offer individual grief counseling. Bereaved caregivers familiar with the organization have the opportunity for one-on-one sessions, creating a safe environment to share and work through their grief.

When :  Anytime

Where : in-person meetings or by Zoom, depending on your preference

Who : bereaved caregivers known to the organization

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