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Burnout Prevention Program (in-person)

This program consists of a series of workshops designed to equip participants with the tools to develop reflexes, learn practical tips, and build their resilience to prevent burnout. Caregivers participating in the program are encouraged to share their experiences confidentially within an inclusive and respectful environment. Throughout the eight-week duration of the program, with one meeting per week, participants will explore key concepts fundamental to caregiving, including motivation, guilt, needs and rights, the power of choice, and the dynamics of change within the caregiving relationship.

When : on demand and depending on current program

Where : in-person

Who : Caregivers who are not bereaved

How : To enrol in this program, you must first have a brief telephone meeting with a counsellor ​


The program is offered by Mélanie Montpetit, Stéphanie Ouellet or Valérie Hill, psychosocial counsellors.

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